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Happy Holidays, everyone!

As a treat this year, we would like to tell you about some very special animals, without which nobody would be able to receive their Christmas presents!



Santa's reindeer are a magical and essential part of Christmas. Each of them, with their unique names and personalities, contributes to the enchanting story of Santa Claus and his Christmas Eve journey around the world. Let's explore these famous reindeer:


  1. Dasher - As the name suggests, Dasher is known for his incredible speed. He dashes through the sky, leading Santa's sleigh with amazing agility. (名前のごとく、ダッシャーはすごいスピードで知られています。驚くほど軽快にサンタクロースのソリをひいて空を駆け巡ります。)
  2. Dancer - Graceful and joyful, Dancer brings a rhythm to the reindeer team. Her name reflects her love for pirouetting and twirling through the night sky. (艶やかで愉快なダンサーは仲間達をリズムカルにしてくれます。彼女の名前は、夜空を駆け巡り、バレーのピルエットが大好きなことからきています。)
  3. Prancer - With a name that conjures images of playful skipping and hopping, Prancer adds a touch of elegance and sprightliness to the group. (陽気なスキップやホップをすることを思い浮かべる名前のプランサーは仲間たちに優雅さと若々しさを与えてくれます。)
  4. Vixen - The name Vixen, which traditionally refers to a female fox, suggests cleverness and a playful nature. She brings a bit of mischief and fun to Santa's journey. (メスのトナカイのヴィクセンはキツネにちなんで賢くて陽気です。ちょっといたずら好きでサンタクロースの旅を楽しくしてます。)
  5. Comet - Named after celestial comets that streak across the night sky, this reindeer is known for his speed and for bringing wonder and awe to children gazing up at the sky on Christmas Eve. (夜空に煌めく天の彗星にちなんで名づけられたコメットは、彼のそのスピードとよろこびをもたらすことで知られていて、クリスマスイブに夜空を見上げている子供達に幸福を感じさせてくれます。)
  6. Cupid - Named after the Roman god of love, Cupid is the reindeer who spreads love and joy during the festive season, reminding everyone of the warmth and affection that Christmas brings. (愛のローマの神にちなんで名づけられたキューピッドはみんなにクリスマスがもたらす温かな愛情に気づかせてくれて、愛とよろこびを広めるトナカイです。)
  7. Donner/Donder - This name is derived from the Dutch word for 'thunder'. Donner brings a powerful presence to Santa's team, symbolizing the booming sound of thunder as the sleigh moves across the sky. (ドンダー、ドンナーと呼ばれることもある彼の名前は、オランダ語の「雷」から由来しています。ドンダーはサンタクロースの仲間達にとって力強い存在です。)
  8. Blitzen - Blitzen's name comes from the German word for 'lightning'. Like his name, Blitzen is fast, bright, and electrifying, illuminating the night sky as Santa makes his way around the world. (ブリッツェンの名前はドイツ語の稲妻からきています。サンタクロースが世界中を駆け巡るとき、ブリッツェンは、名前のごとく駿足に輝きながら、電撃的に夜空を照らします。)

And of course, there's the most famous reindeer of all:


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - With his bright, glowing red nose, Rudolph is a beacon of light that guides Santa's sleigh through even the foggiest Christmas Eves. He may have been teased for his unusual feature, but his uniqueness turned out to be invaluable, teaching us all a beautiful lesson about embracing what makes us different. (ピカピカの赤鼻のトナカイ、ルドルフは、今まで初めて見るようなクリスマスイブの深い霧の中でさえ、サンタのソリを先頭で導くまばゆい光です。彼の鼻はちょっといたずらされたのかもしれないけど、みんな違っていいんだよっていう素敵な教訓を教えてくれていて、彼のユニークさには計り知れないほどの価値がある。)

These reindeer not only help Santa deliver gifts but also bring to life the spirit of Christmas, symbolizing joy, wonder, and the magic of giving. Each name reflects their personality and role in the team, creating a merry ensemble that children and adults alike have adored for generations.


Enjoy your winter break and have a great new year. English in Your Pocket will be back on January the 15th, 2024.

冬休みを楽しんで、良いお年をお迎えください。English in Your Pocket は2024年1月15日に復活します。

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